What we're about

        Well, we are about putting cryptocurrency in everyone's houses. Imagine having hundreds of thousands of dollars on your crypto-only computers with direct access to all of your assets. There will not be any asking the banks if you can have your money or waking up one morning and finding your bank has closed and not being able to make a withdrawal. This scenario is quite real with banks all over the country closing as we speak, we need to take back the keys to our assets and take complete control of our financial system. We need to stop and start taking responsibility for our assets or we can do nothing and let the corrupt financial sector continue printing our money to the ground. We only want to help you get into this crypto space and we also want you to succeed. We will show you how to buy cryptos and what is the best selection of websites to use. We will explain all about what cryptos are and what crypto wallets do. As you become more familiar with cryptos we can help you start making money in the cryptos space.

 -We are not financial advisers.   

Although our team is small, we are mighty! We're hoping to welcome new people into the crypto space with open arms.  

Our Team.