Why is it smart to buy Bitcoin now.

Bitcoin is in the last Gartner hype cycle.

What does that mean? Well that means that the world is starting to recognize the Bitcoin as a store of wealth. As more people start to understand and jump on board the Bitcoin train the volatility of Bitcoin will start to level off. We have already gone through four other hype cycles and Bitcoin has managed to survive all of them. We are at the point where it's easy to buy, sell, and hold Bitcoin. This point in the Bitcoin's evolution is we're you want to buy in at. This point is we're you can plan to make a lot of money. Bitcoin according to the Garten hype cycle will go up from here to a very inflated level and then drop down to a level that the network can handle without the volatility that Bitcoin has had since it creation. Like all other technology first the volatility and then the adoption and then the price stabilizers. Learn how to get in and be safe about getting in. Learn from us at and schedule a consultation.

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